jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

Welcome to this blog

Hi everyone! Welcome to this blog, I encourage you to participate writing your comments. I'm sure it will be useful for your English and I hope it will help you gain marks for your continuous assessment.

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  1. I don't like too much this film because of the subject and the end, is true that did not expect me the end but I don't like it too much. What I like of this film are the actors.

  2. It's alright that you give your opinion,Alba, but you also have to answer the questions.

  3. I think is very important to overcome our difficulties becouse that makes us stronger inside us and it gives us more safety.
    In the case of a very difficult and danger situation, I think we would´t mind tell lies because it´s going to be good for another person.
    I´m agree with Alba. The end is very baddy. But in general, the film is very interesting and I had enjoyed it.

  4. Well done Marcos. Notice that we say I agree (not I'm agree).
    I quite agree with you, but I think the end was not that bad.

  5. i like this film but not to much it supose to be scary but it is not.i don't like scary movies but i know ''the village'' it suposed to be a scary one.well i haven't seen the hall film.i like the story and it's a good movie to wath it at home relaxing but not to watch it at the cinema.