miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

The Metamorphose

The metamorphose is a short story written by the Czech writer Franz Kafka included in his book '' The Metamorpfose and other stories''.

The protagonist of the story was Gregor Samsa, who lived with his family in central Europe. The plot of the book is a wonderfull metaphore, using the figure of an insect to describe the mood of Gregor, (a great depression).
The ''metamorphose'' took place in a morning when the mother entered in Gregor's bedroom and he found his an ''insect'' instead of his son. Then Gregor lived shut up in his bedroom, and this situation disestablish the family way of living...

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  1. Well done done, Fran, most interesting and well written.
    Only notice that you had to say WRITTEN instead of wrote.